Dharma Ridge Farm

Certified organic produce from Quilcene, WA


Certified Organic

The Farm....

Our farm started out on a 5 acre piece of land up on Dharma Road, a small private road  in the hills between Center and Beaver Valley in Chimacum, Washington.  We built our farm from the ground up, remodeling an old run down house and growing our family along the way.  As our family and farm grew we began leasing land in the valley and then moved onto a 10 acre piece in Beaver Valley, selling our little homestead on Dharma Road but keeping the name.  The evolution and growth continued as the years passed which lead us to the Boulton Farm.

We are now farming on the historic 100+ acre Boulton Farm in Quilcene, growing about 30 acres of mixed vegetables. We specialize in wholesale sales but you can also find us at our local Farmer's markets.  The farm sits in a wild and beautiful stretch of Leland Valley, home to abundant wildlife,  rich, well draining soils and all the potential for a lifetime of work growing food for our community!  

The land we farm is WSDA Certified Organic and we work with soil health and vibrancy in mind, using cover crops, crop rotations, organic-approved soil amendments and preparations.  As farmers, we enjoy eating well and we pride ourselves on producing high quality vegetables. We select our varieties to reflect our tastes and need for variety and texture throughout the season.  We also carefully select varieties which we have found to thrive on this land and bring lasting, tasty and beautiful vegetables to our retailers produce cases and eventually our customers kitchens!! You can expect to see your old favorites as well as some heirloom and specialty varieties. Our fine vegetables can be found at local Farmers markets as well as The Port Townsend Food Coop, Chimacum Corner Farmstand, Central Coop, Town and Country Markets, Sno-Isle Food Coop and through various local restaurants and fine food artisans.

The Farmers

Zach Wailand and Haley Olson, a husband-and-wife team along with our three young children, started Dharma Ridge Farm in 2003.  Both of us have been involved in farming since we were teenagers and met while working for longtime Jefferson County grower John Gunning back in the 90's.  The farm also employs a small hard-working crew of amazing individuals.

Photo Credit: Tia Hopkins